Rosa Zaragoza


What the press has said about Rosa

“More than great. Without any superfluous ness, but solid scenic presence, built over the experience. Rosa Zaragoza, dazzling, has crackled in 1000 fires tonight, lighting up the stage of Cartago with flames of passion. Unique.”

Ben Gamra, Le Quotidien (Presentation of the Azahar performance, Túnez, July 23rd, 2004)


“In ‘Matria, the Home of the Soul’, the songs revolve around the concepts of tolerance, love, conciliation, and the feminine. Rosa Zaragoza cultivates the often forgotten religion of friendship through songs born of a desire to understand and express the most intimate stirrings alive in a human soul.”

Miki Torrents. World Music, nº 47, 2004


“Accompanied by a Flamenco guitar, Rosa’s voice moves the audience deeply (…) an exquisite moment is when Rosa sings in Spanish and Mohamed Ayoub alternates with her in Arabic.”

Daily Star (Lebanon, December 19, 2001)


“…A clear, fascinating and feminine voice singing in an exotic language, full of feeling….With Rosa Zaragosa it’s possible to combine the spiritual with the sensual.”

Jutta Rippegather. Frankfurter Rundschau (Frankfurt, March 10, 1997)


“…in a moment the sacred and the secular mix into an eternal, sensual dream. The mystical and the worldly, Rosa returns to love… a space beyond time into the magical grace of the sacred.”

Zeineb Zouaoul. Le Renouveau (Tunis, May 1, 1997)